NCAA Compliance

The Penn State Athletics Compliance Office has provided the Club with a copy of the most recent compliance brochure (Feb. 22, 2023).  Click here to view or download the PDF.  A new update is in progress and will be uploaded as soon as it is received.

The NCAA considers all Booster Club members and even just regular attendees at our athletic events to be “Representatives of Penn State’s athletics interests.” As such, there are very strict rules about what people who fall into that category may and may not do with players and recruits.

We need to be very careful because student-athletes lose their amateur status and shall not be eligible for intercollegiate competition these rules are violated. Note that once someone falls into the category of Representatives, they remain there forever even if no longer a regular attendee or booster club member.

Please read the flyer, particularly the section “Basic Points You Should Know,” but here are two key points:

  • No special arrangements: Athletics Representatives may NOT provide any benefits or make special arrangements such as lodging or transportation to an enrolled student-athlete, his or her parents, relatives or friends.
  • No contact with prospects: Athletics Representatives of an NCAA Division I institution are prohibited from making in-person on- or off-campus recruiting contacts, telephone communications, and written or electronically transmitted correspondence (e-mail, instant message, text message, etc.) with a prospect or the prospect’s parents or relatives.If a prospect initiates telephone or email contact with you, or you have an unplanned face-to-face encounter with a prospect, his/her parents or relatives, do not enter into an athletics recruiting conversation. Under such circumstances, refer the prospect to the athletics department and advise the appropriate Penn State coach of the contact.