Lions Playing in the Pros

If anyone knows where other former Lions are playing, or streaming sites for other leagues, please click on the "Contacts" tab and send an email to the webmaster. Note: Streaming sites like "" (abbreviated FV.TV below) are paid subscription sites that operate similarly to BTN Plus.
 Player  Graduated  League  Team Streaming Info as of
Ali Franti 2017 Poland Developres Rzeszów 11-Oct-2019
Aiyana Whitney 2015 Italy Lardini Filottrano 14-Nov-2018
Bryanna Weiskircher 2018 Germany Dresdner Spots Club 10-Jun-2019
Deja McClendon 2013 Italy Delta Informatico Trentino 19-Feb-2019
Haleigh Washington 2017 Italy Uyba Volley 11-Oct-2019
Megan Courtney 2015 Italy Igor Novara Volley FV.TV 11-Oct-2019
Megan Hodge Easy 2009 Italy Imoco Volley Conegliano FV.TV 14-Nov-2018
Micah Hancock 2014 Italy Igor Novara Volley FV.TV 11-Oct-2019
Nia Grant 2014 Italy Filottrano Pallavolo 11-Oct-2019
Nia Reed 2018 Turkey Halkbank Spor Kulubu 19-Feb-2019
Nicole Fawcett 2008 Brazil Dentil/Praia Clube 11-Oct-2019
Simone Lee 2017 Japan Allianz MTV Stuttgart 15-Jan-2020
Tori Gorrell 2019 Puerto Rico Amazonas de Trujillo Alto 08-Feb-2020